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To The Work!

We have spent the last months visiting supporting churches and new ones alike. What a tremendous blessing that we experienced in the churches. It was very refreshing to see the excitement for missions in general and the work in Africa specifically. Not only did we present the work in 80 churches, but we also had the great opportunity to speak before a High School chapel and two college chapels. We are praying that God will raise up a new generation of missionaries not only for here in Africa but around the world to carry the Gospel of Christ to the whole world.

From the Cross, through

the Church, to the World

This is not a worn cliché but the motto of the World Baptist Fellowship Mission Agency. These are important words, not just a keen motto. They show us our mandate “the Cross” and authority, “the local church” but also our mission: the World. Why not make this your motto also. For more information: www.wbfi.net 
Baptist Training Center in Mozambique Dondo, Sofala

Building Chapels

DONDO | July 15, 2013

The church in Mutondo, Nhamatanda here in the Sofala Province has received the building materials necessary for them to finish their building project. They had prepared all the fired adobe bricks, sand and other local materials to build the planned 6 by 12 meter structure. My association with this church began in 2006 when I first visited Mozambique. Pastor Manuel and I have been good friends all through this time and I am very thankful for his heart for people, his dedication to serve the Lord through adversity and his talents that are very much in evidence in his service for the Lord. We look forward to meeting with the church in the very near future as we are going with a group of young people to evangelize the area around the church. AH